Our range of services

Our multi-disciplinary teams provide a comprehensive range of services to the property and development market throughout the EUROPE, AUSTRALIA & AFRICA.
We increase profitability and efficiency for our clients by coordinating our experienced professional and agency teams and providing authoritative insights from market specialists.
We can provide standalone single service delivery but this can be extended to provide comprehensive coverage on multi-disciplinary instructions. We aim to deliver a truly bespoke service, ensuring that each client benefits from a co-ordinated team, all under one roof.
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In-house Quality Control

Factory has its own Quality Assurance Team for every single order. For the satisfaction & Assurance of quality, garments several inspections are conducted (ILC, IPC, MPC & FRI) by Pretty Group corporate office team to our factories as per desired AQL.

Sourcing Collections of Sweaters

We are professionally competent in sourcing sweaters & knit for winter season in various types of styles in different types of yarns like Acrylic, Shetland wool, Marino wool, lambs wool, blended fancy yarn (both local & imported yarn) & for the summer in Cotton, Cotton like & various mixed yarns. Our departments have different collections from our shipments to European & US market.

Fabric/Yarn Quality Testing

Quality soft line products require quality piece goods. Even the most outstanding manufacturing methods cannot compensate for defective material. Our goal is to create an aggressive piece goods quality control program and eliminate many quality problems before the manufacturing process begins. Yarn quality inspection should start the day the yarn is in house.

In Line Check (ILC)

In Line Inspections starts the moment the production starts. It includes checks in different stages of production i.e. knitting, linking, trimming, mending, finishing & packing for sweaters.

Initial Production Checks (IPC)

The IPC is conducted as soon as the manufacturer has started production and has 50 – 100 pieces completed and ready for packing. The purpose of the IPC is to determine if the initial batch of products produced by the manufacturer complies with the client’s specifications. If at this stage, any deviation beyond established tolerance is noticed, timely corrections are made, before bulk production begins. A written inspection report is prepared, confirming observations and a copy is given to the manufacturer. If required a copy can also be sent to the customer.

Mid Production Checks (MPC)

The MPC is conducted a few days after the IPC, particularly when decencies have been found during IPC depending on the shipment date. For large orders MPC are performed. The MPC is conducted to ensure that any variation / discrepancies previously reported are being corrected during further production and that a satisfactory quality standard is being achieved.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

This is the final inspection and is done when goods are ready for shipment. This inspection is conducted by at least two quality control officers, one of who has not been associated with the order before this inspection. This ensures an unbiased report.