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Pretty Group has Successfully harnessed the benefits of its investment and Managerial expertise to cater exclusively to high street retailers, innovative and higher quality products, response to fashion trends and market needs as well as large production capacities have established it as a key vendor and Pretty Group is committed to creating a unique sweater fashion environment that gives our customers individuality and reliability.
Our total monthly production capacity for sweater is about 11,1,2000 pcs or 92,666.67 dozen and for knitting is about monthly 50,0000 pcs . Sixty five percent of Pretty Group’s product is currently exported to European & Scandinavian Market mainly in UK,Spain,France,Germany, and thirty five percent is exported mainly in USA, Canada and North America . We are very much committed and dedicated to our buyer service that keeps each client on the cutting edge of Sweater & Knit Garments fashion
Our Major Market :
European & Scandinavian Market
  • Okaidi, S.A. France
  • Spring Field, Spain
  • Pimkie,France
  • Jules,France
  • Auchan, France
  • Tesco,UK
  • H&M, Sweden
  • Celio, France
  • WDI, France
USA & Canadian Market :
  • JC Penny, USA
  • Wal-Mart, Canada
  • Forever 21, USA
South American Market
  • Soriana, Mexico
  • Celio, SA
  • Ackerman, South Africa

Australian Market

  • Rivers Australia
  • Boyd- Australia
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